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Eccentricity, a 5.55% necessity for 2012

What to make of 2012? Well, if you listen to economists, journalists, media people, even bloggers, we’re in for a tough time. Last year, comparatively, was a piece of cake. Not if you were one of the people thrown out … Continue reading

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The understandably ‘rapturous’ crowds in New York and Washington when they heard the news of the death of Osama bin Laden reminded me of the equally understandably ‘joyful’ scenes in Gaza and parts of the West Bank on the occasion … Continue reading

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Kettling: a 1968 experience

The UK High Court has decided that kettling the G20 protesters in 2009 was ‘not justified’ (see news story). The technique seems to be a relatively new police tactic with the earliest example cited by Wikipedia in Germany in 1986. … Continue reading

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