Bonxie is written by Bob Wilkinson. I live and work in Maastricht in the Netherlands. The day (and night) job in the main involves helping people write in academia (especially in the sciences, economics, and education). The other occupation is that of aspiring writer. This blog contains notes on events and encounters in life and reflects my interests.

Why Bonxie? The Bonxie is the Shetland name for a Great Skua. Bonxies are big, up to 60 cm in length, wingspan nearly one and a half metres, and they are aggressively defensive of their territory, especially at nesting time. They are likely to come zooming down kamikaze-like at high speed out of nowhere, aiming at your head. Although unlikely to hit you, they will make you drop to the ground fast. My visit to their nesting sites on Unst, Shetland, has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. If you go to Unst and meet the bonxie, you will never forget it. Is this where Alfred Hitchcock got his idea for Birds?


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  1. Denise Richardson says:

    Hi Bob

    Kevin passed your blog ‘sight’ on to me and I have read some of your entries and been very touched. I too find it easier to write about things that are deeply etched rather than talk about them, hence my poetry. We have never asked about Eva’s cancer, not because we weren’t interested but we suffer from the english art of not wanting to appear nosey or make you have to talk about something that hurts you. So now I think that I understand a little about how hard it must have been for you to see her suffering so much and her being so brave about the pain and fear. One of the worst thing about seeing those we love suffering is that we can do nothing to change or control the situation, but can only be some kind of helpless impotent observer. Eva, however, could feel your love and support that must have been such a tangible special all-enveloping caring for her. I wish you a good evening, with some relaxation and time for yourself. Best wishes, Denise

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