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Migration irony

This week (rather last week – posting get a little delayed) my work involved reviewing an interesting text: the new Dutch Immigration Law. The rules and regulations applying to non-Dutch citizens residing in the Netherlands are getting tighter. This can … Continue reading

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It was a usual hectic time-starved week: preparing classes, marking and grading papers, managing classes, while at the same time preparing the materials for the next teaching period. Here I find I am dependent on others delivering their components in … Continue reading

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The working week was rather nondescript: I can’t say that of the work anything stood out. The classes went as expected, with hardly any untoward events. It was not boring though. You cannot ‘get’ boring when you encounter topics ranging … Continue reading

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Young talent

A week for getting to know young talent. First, there were the new, young colleagues, bubbling with enthusiasm, seeing opportunities where others would see challenges and barriers. Then the young students breathing science, pondering over how to test various hypotheses … Continue reading

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