Tough week. Exhausting week. Fourth week of academic year. One in which I made mistakes. Not too serious ones, but mistakes that shouldn’t have happened. In one case I reacted to some students’ request to change a deadline, and because it made no difference to me, I changed it. But I didn’t consult fellow teachers, nor did I inform other students. Until later. Yeah, not too serious really, but a signal.

Then in a progress meeting I fail to check my data, but give the wrong information (negative) about one student. I wake up in the night, with something bugging me. I check my data. I was wrong. Fortunately I could send a correction in time to avoid potentially nasty consequences. But for another student I fail to notice the negative information, and don’t pass it on. The student admits failure to meet a deadline anyhow, so no damage is done. But I feel an idiot for not checking my data before the progress meeting.

And what about all the mistakes that I don’t remember?

Tough week, little sleep. Mistakes that are a sign of exhaustion. Probably a typical week for many teachers. Yet you can’t afford to make mistakes that could have educational consequences for the students concerned. Makes you feel like diving into the mosasaurus-filled pool painted on the Vrijthof.

I climbed the St Jan’s tower on Saturday morning: only from here do you get the perspective of the Vrijthof paintings. After so many decades of living here, I can say that at last I’ve done it.

Mosasaurus art

Mosasaurus art

It reminds me of my time in Golspie in the far north of Scotland. I always wanted to climb our local mountain Ben Bhraggie before school started: I only did it only my very last day, with a colleague and his sons, and the entire school knew it as soon as I arrived before 9 am.

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