Western sky

The western sky

Southern sky

The sky to the south. Discern the faint vapour trail (centre-right).

This blog has been silent for a long while – all kinds of other pressures keep me away from it. But I’ll get back to it.

Meanwhile sitting outside one warm evening earlier this summer was a delight. Almost cloudless sky. Neighbours seemed to be away or out. The quiet disturbed only by the occasional birdsong, and the occasional dull groan of aircraft. Fascinating to watch the planes. Sometimes they were visible, but I could hear no sound. Sometimes I could hear them but not see them. And sometimes only a faint vapour trail was the vestige of their passing. Seven visible at one time, carrying holidaymakers silently to noisy beaches, lobbyists, bureaucrats, and meeting-goers alike hurriedly to Brussels. All in relative silence.
Blue silence.

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