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The falcon returns

This morning my old friend appeared in the garden – the peregrine falcon that has used the place as a source of fast food. The food I put out in the garden attracts all kinds of small birds, sparrows, various … Continue reading

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Grave memories 5 – treating cancer with light

Eva’s cancer kept returning. Our local ENT-oncologist suggested going to Amsterdam, to the main cancer hospital Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, since they were better equipped, and he thought Eva was a candidate for PDT or photodynamic therapy. ‘What’s that?’ we wondered. … Continue reading

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Eccentricity, a 5.55% necessity for 2012

What to make of 2012? Well, if you listen to economists, journalists, media people, even bloggers, we’re in for a tough time. Last year, comparatively, was a piece of cake. Not if you were one of the people thrown out … Continue reading

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