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Immolation of a teacher

Shocked I was to read of the maths teacher in France who set fire to herself in public during the morning break at her secondary school (see story). Libération describes the scene afterwards: “In the courtyard, a large black spot. … Continue reading

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Miško was cowering inside the house a few days ago. Was he sick? Was he hurt? The cat wouldn’t let me touch him, except on the top of the head. He was cut below the eye and across the nose, … Continue reading

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Grave memories 3 – lithotripsy

Lithotripsy – that is, ‘breaking stones’ – the next stage in the story of how I came to take Eva to her final resting place at Číž-Kúpele 1300 kilometres from home. And it’s becoming a long story (see Grave Memories … Continue reading

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Sex at ‘meet & greet’ event

‘He had sex with my mother,’ she said, and he looked unbareably comfortable. A casual encounter as I squirmed my way through the crowd towards a group of people who were laughing loudest and generating a circle of eavesdroppers. She … Continue reading

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