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Bier, wine and the Pope: weird interviews

Munich is a delightful city, but again one that I’ve only fleeting knowledge of. I must have been there about a dozen times, but almost without exception for a short professional visit – attend a conference or a meeting, or … Continue reading

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Grave memories 2 – sewing butter

Chronic pancreatitis. I was only vaguely aware of the pancreas. If you have no problem, you don’t know it’s there. But if you get a problem, you damn well know it’s there. The pain is excruciating, and nothing helps. Morphine … Continue reading

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Austrian schnapps

We had travelled through Austria so many times on our journeys between Maastricht and Bardejovské-Kúpele in East Slovakia. However, Austria was usually simply a through-route, with only rare stops off the highway. OK, Eva and I had stopped briefly in … Continue reading

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Return to a certain kind of roots: darkness

Once again I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks. Excellent reason. A scintillating writers’ course at Moniack Mhor, near Inverness, in northern Scotland, where I met a superb group of inspiring writers in a wonderful moorland atmosphere, away from … Continue reading

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