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Translating places

I had not seen Alan for many years. I could remember the last time we met, in ominous circumstances, immediately before the Balkan wars. Eva and I had booked a holiday in the then Yugoslav Republic of Croatia, and though … Continue reading

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Grave memories 1

My journey through central Europe took me to my wife’s grave in Slovakia. It was an emotional return, but less sad. Two years ago I had brought her ashes to a tiny spa village on the Slovak-Hungarian border and interred … Continue reading

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Reuniting for the first time

What kind of feelings go through your mind when you are about to meet a member of the family for the first time? No, this is not a new-born, and no, it’s not a new spouse. And no, it’s not … Continue reading

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Currently reading Arkadi & Georgi Vainer’s МЕСТО ВСТРЕЧН ИЗМЕНИТЪ НЕЛЪЗЯ Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya (Meeting place should not be changed) in French translation (translated as 38, rue Petrovka). This is a crime story set in Moscow soon after the end … Continue reading

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Operatic church

The second post on my experiences during the summer. A long, long time ago I went on a school trip to Coventry, ostensibly to pay tribute at the ruins of the old cathedral and to admire the new one, then … Continue reading

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