Far retching impact

Computers can be wonderful tools, especially if you never remember where you save what. You read something, see something, and think, ‘Ah, I should save that, I’ll need it one day for …’, but you never know for what. The other day I wrote some snippets and stored them somewhere (use the bloody search tool, I hear you say), but it’s much more fun to find other things serendipitously. This is why bookshops, CD-shops, hardcopy libraries serve a purpose still. Oh, yes, and while I think about it, I found a marvellous old-fashioned CD-shop in Luxembourg, (CD Buttek beim Palais, 16 rue du Marché aux Herbes – if you’re in the area). Fantastic collection of old and new recordings, especially Jazz, Classical, French, German and Luxembourg music. Probably they have old LPs and 78s too. Take your time to browse.

Anyhow, browsing through my miscellany of files, searching half-heartedly for something completely different, I come across a collection of items saved related to writing and writing PhD theses. Mostly it’s a collection of useful – or sometimes not so useful – tips and practices. Then in the midst I find a comment on the guidance provided by supervisors. I don’t know where I got it from, but judging from comments I occasionally hear from the candidates, maybe it rings true: ‘not all professors are fully aware of their far retching impact on PhD candidates’ future career’.

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