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Le Transsibérien: fire in every face

I was fascinated by Blaise Cendrars and his long prose poem “La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France” when I first heard it ‘performed’ in the Club des Poètes in Paris in 1967. The poem was … Continue reading

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If it was just a job, you would die

Occasionally, just occasionally, when you’re reading, a phrase jumps out at you, and it catches you momentarily. You stop at the phrase, and are forced to think by the power of the expression. The phrase remains with you, for days, … Continue reading

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Sketches in a Norwegian bar

I’m told it’s the best pub in Oslo. ‘Lorry’. Maybe. But it’s wonderful, old fashioned in design, cosy, a small bar in the middle. You struggle through the clientele to order drinks. The room is on different levels, and there … Continue reading

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Far retching impact

Computers can be wonderful tools, especially if you never remember where you save what. You read something, see something, and think, ‘Ah, I should save that, I’ll need it one day for …’, but you never know for what. The … Continue reading

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Norwegian Wet

It was a short trip to Oslo. It began and ended in sunshine, a Viking tease. In between I learned that the Norwegian capital was enduring a Bergen summer, maybe temporarily. Bergen, where I’d learned from a previous visit it … Continue reading

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Dancing to the fandango of the information age

Sometimes you wonder how ignorant you can be. Years ago, pre-internet, pre-Wikipedia, pre-Google, pre-etc., you knew there were thousands of things that happened, that had happened, and it was no shame or no crime not to know. You didn’t always … Continue reading

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