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I came across a new word the other day. Nothing unusual in that, you might say. But this was a word that immediately made me think it was quite unnecessary: servitization. Was this yet another example of word-coining from a … Continue reading

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Emotions in conflict

It happened again: I had wanted to go to two different events in two different places at the same time. Both were intensely emotional, and both closely linked. I was invited to a meeting at the hospital in Amsterdam where … Continue reading

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Wet climbing

The lengthy spell of dry, and usually warm weather has meant an early start to watering the garden. The grass – what’s left of it – shows signs of thermal exhaustion. But recently I was reminded of the opposite – … Continue reading

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Death of a cyclist

I was profoundly shocked when I read the news. With utter disbelief I read that a man so fit and so healthy should die suddenly, unexpectedly, on his bike. The shock was compounded when on the same day I heard … Continue reading

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The cat of the musical world

Every so often a phrase jumps out at the reader, and a report on Milos Karadaglic in the Economist (30 April 2011). The writer lauds classical guitarist, Milos Karadaglic, whose arrival may signal a revival of the instrument in the … Continue reading

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The understandably ‘rapturous’ crowds in New York and Washington when they heard the news of the death of Osama bin Laden reminded me of the equally understandably ‘joyful’ scenes in Gaza and parts of the West Bank on the occasion … Continue reading

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