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Reviewing Deepwater Horizon publications: needing to think twice

As a regular reader of The Economist, I admire the keen attention the contributors pay to the readability of their texts. Usually so enchanted by the ease of reading, the reader can concentrate on the message. Occasionally, however, something happens … Continue reading

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Chimney fire in Derry

The other evening I headed to the gym for a fitness class, when suddenly I heard, then saw two fire engines that rushed slowly up the road and stopped 50 metres beyond the gym. I could see no smoke or … Continue reading

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Alone in a crowd watching

Some people may have thought I was lonely, standing all on my own among a large crowd at a Pecha Kucha event. I’d decided to go at the last moment, and hoped I would meet some friends or acquaintances there. … Continue reading

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Music for medicine

While preparing materials for medical students the other day, I searched for sample materials in journals like The Lancet and the British Medical Journal. In their archives I found what I was looking for, but then curiosity got the better … Continue reading

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Kettling: a 1968 experience

The UK High Court has decided that kettling the G20 protesters in 2009 was ‘not justified’ (see news story). The technique seems to be a relatively new police tactic with the earliest example cited by Wikipedia in Germany in 1986. … Continue reading

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The Umbra: luxury betwixt cliffs and the dunes

Sometimes students have the luxury of living in dramatic accommodation – castles, mansions, lighthouses. Imagine my delight when friends invited me to join them at The Umbra. The house already had a reputation at the university – it was large, … Continue reading

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Accident in the making

Yesterday I could see it happening, but it didn’t. A young girl, 12 or so, stepped onto the pedestrian crossing. The driver of a white VW in front of me didn’t notice – I braked in expectation. Suddenly the girl … Continue reading

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